200+ Free Valentine Icons, Buttons and Badges for Bloggers

February has come, and its the season of hearts once again… The season won’t be complete without us posting an article in tuned with the season. As our initial offering, we have collected cute valentine icons for your desktop and any other uses you may think of… This Free Useful Valentine Icons, Buttons and Badges for Bloggers will give you a chance to customize your desktop and blogs in response to your needs and desires…

The icons are free for downloads, so do not hesitate to check out this collection. Created skillfully by talented designers on the web. Also, please feel free to leave your comments, we do love to hear from you… Happy Heart’s Day everyone!!!

Love Badges, Ribbons, Bows in Red

Love Badges Valentines
The set contains several valentine-themed icons. Sizes of the icons available here vary.


Heart Icons
Six icons are given in this set. The resolution for these icons is 300×300.

Candee Hearts

Candee Hearts Icons
Here are 34 icons contained in this set. File format is PNG and ICO with dimensions of 128×128.

Heart Vector Set

Heart Vector Set
This set contains 15 icons. The set is presented by Cool Vectors.com.

Valentines Icon

Valentines Icons
In this set, 8 icons with high quality are given. These icons come in a 32-bit transparency PNG in various sizes.

Valentine Love Icon Set

Valentine Love Icons
There are 12 icons included in this set. Sizes vary from 32x32px to 128x128px.

Be My Valentine Comp Icon Set

Be My Valentine Icon
Several icons are included in the set. Image size is 409KB and with a resolution of 845×1157.

RSS Heart PNG Icons

RSS heart PNG Icons
With a file size of 700 KB, the icons are created in PNG format. The set includes 20 multi-colored icons.

Valentosh OSX Icons

Valentosh OSX Icons
This set is composed of 9 icons. Resolution is in 646×485 and an image size of 106 KB.

Package of 9 Love Icons

Package 9 love icons
As mentioned, 9 icons are included in this set. The icons are in PSD file format with transparent background.

Geeky Sweets

Geeky Sweets Icons
There are several icons in this set. The resolution is in 600×600 with a file size of 1.1 MB.

Gentle Romantic Icons

Gentle Romantic icons
Five icons are included in this set in PNG file format. Resolution for the icon is 1000×700.

D.Lectable Candee Hearts

Candee Hearts Iconss
The set contains 12 icons. File format for this set is PNG with a resolution of 575×375.

Valentines Image Files Release

Valentines Image Files
This set is composed of 16 PNG icons. The size for these is 128×128.

St. Valentine’s Day Icon

love icons
Here are 15 icons included in the set. Total size of the file is 3.5 MB.

12 Heart PNG Buttons

Heart PNG Buttons
As mentioned, 12 icons are included in this set. Resolution is 480×333 with an image size of 60.3 KB.

Love Ya

Love ya Icons
Twenty-six icons are included in this set. The resolution is in 325×238 and has an image size of 56.8 KB.

Love Icons

love icons
The set has 5 icons with an image size of 347 KB. Resolution for these icons is 600×1200.


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