22 Free Handy Mini Icon Sets

Mini Icons can be used in a wide variety of ways, especially in application software for computers and laptops, as well as cell phones and iPods. They are gaining popularity, commonly in gadgets where they are used because of their size and saves space. They are small sleek designs that are handy. If you’re in searching for tiny icons, this new collection of free online icons might help you.

In our next post, we had come up with these 22 Free Handy Mini Icon Sets that may suit what kind of software application you are doing. Feel free to check these out.

Aiga Signs and symbol

signs symbol
Download Source

Paul Armstrongs Design

paul armstrong
Download Source

Plainbeta Pixelated Icon

Download Source


Download Source


Download Source


Download Source

Only 2 Icons

only 2 icons
Download Source

Mini Icon Collection

mini icon collection
Download Source

Free Web Icon Set

free web icon
Download Source

112 MiniPixel Icon

miniPixel icon
Download Source

ecqlipse 2

ecqlipse 2
Download Source

Devine Icons

devine icons
Download Source

Free Web Icons2

free web icons2
Download Source

500 Free Pc Icons

500 free pc icons
Download Source

Mini Icon Set

mini icon set
Download Source

Spashy Icon

splashy icons
Download Source

Default Icon

default icon
Download Source

Mini Icons

mini icons
Download Source

Gentleface Icons

gentleface icons
Download Source


Download Source

Led Icon Set

led icon set
Download Source

Miniicon set

miniicon set
Download Source


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