20 Websites That Offer Free Online Faxing

There are times when you just need to send one or two faxes and you wish you have a fax machine to do so. Today, you no longer have to have a fax machine to send faxes. There are already websites that offers you the ability to send free fax online. However, the fax machines still retain some advantages, particularly in the transmission on sensitive documents which, if sent over the Internet unencrypted, maybe vulnerable to interception.

Here are the Websites That Offer Free Online Faxing. Most of these websites propose a few free faxes initially, and then offer a paid subscription service for further faxes eventually. Choose from this collection and simply send and receive an internet fax worldwide.

Fax Freedom

Fax Freedom
Fax Freedom is a powerful internet faxing solution which allows you to send and receive faxes from any computer in the world.
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Pam Fax

PamFax is online based fax service which allows you to send files from your Box account as a fax and provides a free fax number for you to receive faxes.
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Fax Zero

FaxZero is a free web faxing service which allows you to send a fax, anywhere in the US or Canada, from your computer.
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Ring Central

RingCentral is an internet fax service provider which allows you to send and receive faxes.
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Pop Fax

Popfax.com is a reliable and cost-effective Internet fax service which allows end-users to send and receive faxes using a web interface or an e-mail client.
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Send 2 Fax

Send2Fax is an awesome internet service which offers a quick and affordable way for you to stay in touch with your contacts by online fax.
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My Fax

MyFax is an award-winning Internet fax service used by individuals, small, medium and large businesses to send and receive faxes through your email, the web, or smart phone.
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Smart Fax

SmartFax is an internet fax provider that allows you to receive and manage faxes.
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Trust Fax

TrustFax is an Internet fax service which allows you to send/recieve fax as emails with your own toll free number.
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Free Fax

FreeFax is a free fax service that lets you send and receive email from countries worldwide, direct to your inbox.
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eFax is the global leader in Internet fax services, providing fax solutions to individuals, small businesses and large enterprises.
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Message Net

Messagenet is a single web provider for fax (send & receive faxes via mail), VoIP (a personal phone number with no fixed costs to call worldwide).
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Wonder Fax

WonderFax is a 100% virtual free UK fax number that receives your faxes, converts them to a pdf file and emails it to you as an attachment.
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Fax 1

Fax1 is a US based company which provides inbound and outbound fax services that utilize a PC and any Internet connection.
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Fax It Fast

FaxitFast is a leading email fax service that allows users to get their own unique, dedicated fax number and gives you the power to send / receive.
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Rapid Fax

RapidFax is an online faxing service which allows users to send and receive faxes through the internet using their emails.
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Scan R

scanR allows you to send a fax nearly anywhere in the world.
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Got Free Fax

GotFreeFax.com lets user send free fax online to the US and Canada without any adds added to fax and without any registration or credit card information.
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Axia Tel

Axiatel is the online sales portal for business telecom solutions that offers online faxing service that bring flexibility, mobility and cost effectiveness to the small offices.
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Fax Orama

FaxOrama is a free Web faxing service to send faxes to anywhere in North America.
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