20 Worth Checking Online Note Taking Tools

Online note taking tools are helpful in jotting down ideas, clippings, links, bookmarking the sites and other information you captured from the web while surfing. The best things about these tools are that you can always access and modify your notes anywhere you maybe as well as share and exchange them with others for as long as you have an internet connection, laptop, PC or mobile phone perhaps. You don’t have to worry if your PC breaks down because it is not a desktop program.

Take a look at these 20 Worth Checking Online Note Taking Tools that are helpful in creating, sharing and synchronizing your notes. These tools have many special features so why not try each of them and choose the best for you!


Listhings is an eco-friendly web app that allows users to keep notes and organize them however they see fit.
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Notezz! is a simple note-taking tool which will keep your writing organized.
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Note Pub

NotePub an online note taking app wherein your notes can be public or private, and can include pictures, files, and links.
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My Note It

MyNoteit is an online note organizer for students of any grade level to store your notes and all your other important school information online.
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Web Asyst

WebAsyst is a free online note taking software that lets you write down all kinds of notes and memos, organize them in folders and share those folders with your team.
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Fruit Notes

FruitNotes is an easy-to-use online notebook that allows you to publish your notes as blogs so that everyone on the web can see and read.
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Live Scribe

Livescribe is the note taking expert that lets you use a special pen with special paper to easily cross reference conversations to the notes you’ve put on paper.
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Google Notebook

Google Notebook
Google Notebook is a free online application that allows users to make notes, organize them into groups and save them.
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Ever Note

Evernote is a free note-taking software which lets you take quick notes, save them with your online account, share on other devices and social media.
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Tiddly Wiki

TiddlyWiki is a reusable non-linear personal web notebook.
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Spring Note

Springnote is a free note-taking web application which allows you to create pages, to work on them together with your friends, and to share files.
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Uber Note

UberNote is a handy free note taking tool enabling you to quickly store and access your content from anywhere.
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Note Fish

Notefish is a free web based application that allows you to take notes from portions of Web pages by copying and pasting them into one convenient online page.
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Memonic is a very good note taking application for netbook users which provides better organization of your notes, also allowing you to create tags, groups, and folders.
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Spring Pad

Springpad is a free application that lets you quickly and easily save the ideas and information you want to remember.
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Web Notes

Webnote is a tool for taking notes which makes it easy for you to highlight and add notes to web pages from directly within your web browser.
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Yahoo! Notepad

yahoo notepad
Yahoo! Notepad is an online note taking tool from Yahoo! that allows you to write down and organize your notes.
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Stikkit.com is an electronic note taking tool which will help you organize your daily details as simple as jotting down a note or firing off email.
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Priv Note

Privnote is a free web service which allows you to write a confidential note and send it over the Internet.
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Note Scribe Online

NoteScribe Online
NoteScribe Online is a cutting edge online note taking application that is your online notes repository.
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