Useful Free Tools for Creating a Map Online

If you are fond of traveling into different places around the world, the need to have a tool to guide you to a area you have never visited before is important. These navigational tools are also significant when you are explaining the direction of a place to somebody. A map is a plane representation of a large area, the Earth for instance. With the aid of the internet today, maps are already available online which helps us point out directions easily as well as allow us to create our own interactive trip map.

This post showcases several online tools which you can use for free. Here’s a list of Useful Free Tools for Creating a Map Online. Check this out and choose the tool which suits your needs best. Enjoy!

Travellers Point

Travellerspoint is a tool for creating your own free travel map and allows you to plot your itinerary on a world map.
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Viamente Route Planner

Viamente Route Planner
Viamente Route Planner is a web-based routing optimization software which lets you optimize a delivery route for multiple vehicles and destinations.
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Go Waza

GoWaza is an integrated travel search and planning platform which helps you create an interactive trip map with hotels and more.
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Quik Maps

Quikmaps is a neat little tool which lets you draw a map to your house or sketch out a cycling or hiking route.
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U Mapper

UMapper is a universal map authoring application which allows you to create, track and monetize maps.
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Map My Run

mapmyrun is a community web site for runners and joggers which allow them to draw a route by just clicking on the map to plot the different points.
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Zee Maps

ZeeMaps is a service provided by Zee Source which makes it easy for you to create an interactive world map.
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Directions Map – TripGeo

Directions Map -
TripGeo – Directions Map uses Google Maps to create driving directions for your site.
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Community Walk

CommunityWalk is a website that allows you to make your own map of more than one address quickly and easily.
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Plani Globe

Planiglobe is an online map creation tool which allows you to design your own digital map of anywhere in the world.
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