11 Efficient HTML5 Video Players

HTML5 became the new standard for showing videos online when Steve Jobs ( CEO of Apple Inc. ) concludes in his public letter entitled “Thoughts on Flash”that with the development of HTML5, Adobe Flash is no longer necessary to watch video or consume any kind of web content. The video element or video player is the most talked about and notable features of HTML5 because with it, you can embed video into web pages without using flash, plugins or other ActiveX controls and ensure backward compatibility. HTML5 also gain its popularity when the Apple iPhone, iPad and Android phones were launched because their browsers doesn’t support flash so more and more web developers design their websites using HTML5 just to cater the technology of these gadgets.

Here are the 11 Efficient HTML5 Video Players useful in playing videos or movies online. Most of the video players listed below include a step-by-step guide for you to easily render a video into your website. Check out this list. Enjoy!


Projekktor is a free, Open Source (GPL) HTML5 based video player written in pure JavaScript but uses Flash when there is no native H.264 support. The player supports playlist and the videos can be displayed in full-screen. Its control panel can be customized/themed by editing a single CSS file.
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FryPlayer is a fast and easy to use open source HTML5 video player powered by jQuery JavaScript which offers nice features such as ability to skin, buffering, full screen mode and keyboard shortcuts.
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VideoJS is an awesome HTML5 Video Player, built with Javascript and CSS that helps codec detection and will fallback on Flash if it is not supported. It uses the new element of HTML – video tag, that is built into modern browsers and javascript to add custom controls, new functionality, and fix cross browser bugs.
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SublimeVideo is an open source HTML5 powered video player which allow you to play videos without the need of browser plugins or Flash dependencies on your iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones, as well as other mobile platforms.
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Moovie is a free custom control library of MooTools for the HTML 5 video element.
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MediaElement.js is an HTML5 video and audio player in pure HTML and CSS with Flash Silverlight fallback and captions making it compatible with any browser.
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Mooplay is an awesome HTML 5 video player that is built on top of MooTools. The Mooplay is completely customizable and has great features including its ability to integrate subtitles into videos which work with Ajax requests and synchronize with the video (.srt and .sub formats are supported).
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FlareVideo is an open source and free HTML5 video player that automatically fallback to flash when a browser is incompatible or not supported to HTML 5. All the controls can be easily customized using CSS. It comes with full screen.
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Dplayer is a pure JavaScript driven HTML5 video player that allows users to easily embed videos in any page, blog or site using the newest web standards.
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Akamai’s Open Video Player

Akamai's Open Video Player
Open Video Player is an open source HTML5 video player used to simplify the task or reduce the time it takes to create a flexible HTML5-based video player applications for delivery of HTTP content through the code library it provided.
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LeanBack Player

LeanBack Player
LeanBack Player is an open source HTML5 video player that supports subtitles using HTML5 track element and even has a built-in fullscreen mode.
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