20 Useful Free Web Analytics Tools

This post is helpful to those who are owning a website or running a blog or an e-commerce site as we are bringing to you different tools useful in analyzing your web content’s data such as understanding who are coming to your site, measuring the user’s behavior while they are there, tracking the number of visitors in real time, checking search engine traffic, and many more. There are a lot of tools out there for analyzing your website traffic. However, in today’s post, we are only sharing tools providing you with website analytics that do not require any fee.

Here are the 20 Useful Free Web Analytics Tools with different capabilities to help you provide valuable data when analyzing your website traffic. Check this out!


Reinvigorate is a simple, real-time web analytics player which can be used for free to track website metrics.
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Piwik is an open source web analytics software written in PHP which is as powerful as Google Analytics which generates reports on website visitors, popular pages, the search.
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Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Google Analytics (GA) is a free website traffic analysis tool used by thousands of websites which generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website.
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4Q Survey

4q survey
4Q Survey is a free online survey solution which measures customer satisfaction through the surveys conducted to the visitors.
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Yahoo! Web Analytics

Yahoo! Web Analytics
Yahoo! Web Analytics is a highly customizable, enterprise-level website analytics system that can help you track and analyze visitor activity on your web-based properties.
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Woopra is a web analytics service offered by iFusion Labs LLC which allows you to watch your site visitors in real time, and even initiate a chat with them.
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Quant Cast

Quantcast is a media measurement, web analytics service used by thousands of companies that allows users to view audience statistics for millions of websites.
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Going Up!

Goingup! is a free web analytics service with powerful SEO features which offers comprehensive visitor activity as well as search.
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Site Meter

site meter
Sitemeter is a free web analytics service which provides counter and tracking information for Web sites.
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Clicky is a complete web analytics tool used by many popular blogs and websites which gives you information about the visitors to your website.
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Go Stats

GoStats is a web analytics tool which provides a reliable site stats traffic counter service.
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Mochi Bot

MochiBot is a free Web analytics/tracking tool designed to track flash files.
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eWeb Analytics

eWebAnalytics is a fully functioning web analytics software/website which helps you learn what each individual visitor is doing on your website in real time.
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Hi Stats

Histats.com is a free web analytics service which helps you provide a real-time measurement and detailed web site traffic analysis.
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Link Track

Linktrack is a free online link tracking service which provides real-time updates about the number of visitors to a website.
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Smarter Stats

SmarterStats is comprehensive Web Analytics and SEO software that delivers detailed Web site statistics for a single site or up to 30000 sites across a distributed network.
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W3Perl is a web analytic tool for Web / FTP / Squid / CUPS and Mail servers.
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Stat Counter

StatCounter.com is a free web traffic analysis service which provides free customisable hit counters, visitor tracking, etc.
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Grape Web Statistics

Grape Web Statistics
Grape Web Statistics is a free, open source program that allows site administrators to keep track of web site statistics.
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Trace Watch

TraceWatch is a free advanced website statistics and traffic analysis software written in PHP language that lets you keep track of the visitors to your website in real time with detailed statistics.
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