20 Highly Useful Tools to Help You Calculate the Value of Your Website

If you are planning to sell or buy a website or perhaps you are just interested to know on the approximate value of your website or blog then try these tools that we are going to be featuring right now. These online application tools calculate the value of your website base on the various factors such as the amount and types of traffic that you regularly have coming into your website, Google page rank, back links, keyword details, directory listings and many others. They may not provide a 100% realistic value but these tools will surely give you a nice overview about your website and help you figure out what areas you’ll need to work on to improve your site’s overall value.

Here are the 20 Highly Useful Tools to Help You Calculate the Value of Your Website. Take a look at this list and start on checking the current estimated price of your website. Enjoy!

Value My Web

ValueMyWeb is a fun and free service designed to get full information about the site’s traffic,ad revenue,and rank.
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Web Worth

Web Worth is a free website value calculator that helps find out the value or worth calculation, estimations about a website.
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Site Value Calculator

Site Value Calculator
Site Value Calculator is a tool that gives you an estimated amount of your website value or worth.
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valueTHEWEBSITE is a free website calculation tool that analyzes your website worth, website value, domain worth, site rank, backlinks, indexed pages on search engine and find social links.
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Website Outlook

WebsiteOutlook is a website value calculator that helps you gain complete website information including website worth, daily income, pr, backlink, traffic detail, directory listing.
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Site Value Check

sitevaluecheck.com is a website value, estimations and information tool that lets you get a detailed free valuation of what your or other’s websites are really worth.
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Your Website Value

Your Website Value.com
Your Website Value.com is a website value calculator that tries to estimate website value.
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Stimator is a web-service that delivers the most accurate economical value that a website could worth by collecting important data from different sources.
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Website Valued

WebsiteValued is a free web-based valuation service which help aid with evaluating the value of a website you may own, or be considering purchasing.
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Blog Calculator

BlogCalculator.com is a valuation tool for website owners/bloggers to get an automatic valuation on their website.
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Cube Stat

Cubestat is a free website value calculator which computes and estimates the worth of a website/blog plus a lot more.
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My Website Worth

MyWebsiteWorth is a quick and easy to use online tool to evaluate any website.
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Website Calculation

WebsiteCalculation is a tool that gets an instant estimate of your website worth and server information.
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Ninja Website Appraiser

Ninja Website Appraiser
Ninja Website Appraiser is a free web-based tool that calculates your site’s value and appraise your site.
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Website Value Calculator

Website Value Calculator
Website Value Calculator is website where you can enter your site URL and find out how much your site is worth immediately
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dn Scoop

dnScoop is a useful domain and site value tool that checks and calculates an estimation of value of the domain that given.
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Stats Mogul

StatsMogul is a website value calculator that give out real estimations of how much a domain is worth.
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Yandalo is a tool that checks website worth and earning potential, estimated web traffic.
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Glurk.com is a free calculator which gives an estimation of what your website is worth.
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Price of Web

PriceofWeb.com is a free website evaluation tool which can be used to calculate revenue of any website.
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